Residential Projects


We had sanded floors since 1974. Every customer complained about the Dust. Every customer complained about the Odor. Every customer complained about the Inconvenience. Customers would only refinish their floors before they moved into a house, or if they were away for vacation because the disruption was so terrible. In 2001, we had a great commercial customer demand that we refinish his restaurant with no dust, no odor, and no downtime because his sander said he would have a lot of dust, a lot of odor, and would be closed for 3 weeks. That was the beginning of SandFree®.

Everything that our commercial customer demanded for his restaurant is perfect for a homeowner. Now, you can refinish your floors while you live in the house. There will be No Dust! No Odor! We can Move the Furniture! In addition, we can change the color of your floor using our ColorMagiQ topical stain, that is made in our headquarters, and only available through our franchisees.

Large Homes

No matter what size your large home is, we can help you beautifully refinish your floors – and in less time than you might imagine.

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Small Homes

People notice the details in small homes and with our refinishing process, we’ve helped transform these floors into floors worth noticing

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Selling Your Home

If you’re thinking of selling your home, let us refinish your floors and give you the perfect way to catch the eye of a potential buyer.

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Why SandFree Began

Solving the Essential Problem – The Bonding Coat

Solving the Color Problem – ColorMagiQ

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SandFree Changing the Industry – For You

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Floor Wax Removal Process

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