Commercial Projects


In 2001, a restaurant owner demanded we refinish his restaurant with No Dust! And No Odor! And he would not close. SandFree® was developed to replace sanding. It has been proven to compete beautifully with sanding, except we are ½ the price, there is no dust, and there is no odor.

Please take the time to watch the movie about Oxford Mills, a 165,000 square foot multi-use project were we refinished 100 year old maple. In a head on test, the SandFree sample was selected over the sanding sample because the patina of the wood was enhanced, not sanded away. That was before they realized what the cost savings would be and how accommodating scheduling the SandFree® process was for the construction manager. Customers asked SandFree® to change the floor refinishing industry, and we are.


SandFree vs. Sanding from the Developer’s Perspective

Raquetball Court Refinishing Process

Oxford Mills – Flooring Restoration Project

Restoring Floors in Historical Building

Irvine Auditorium

With our custom ColorMagiQ color, we were able to turn the dull wood of the University of Pennsylvania’s Irvine Auditorium floor into a beautiful reddish-blonde.

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Manhattan Penthouse

With only one day to work, we transformed a 3,500-foot mutli-story loft apartment floor into one that has a striking, high-gloss finish.

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Settlement School

Founded in 1908, the Settlement School’s original parquet tiles needed refinishing. We were able to restore the quality of the floor without disrupting the school’s schedule.

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This project was one of the most extreme that we completed. We were able to bring the dull, damaged, painted-over floors of Philadelphia warehouses back to life.

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