Univeristy of Pennsylvania

Arch Gymnasium

arch-gym-1Memorial Hall
The Arch Building
3500 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA
Work By

Philadelphia, PA


arch-gym-2Memorial Hall is approximately 125 years old. As you will see, the original white oak was set into a “wetbed” of asphalt adhesive. This floor could not be sanded, because it was too thin 300 feet were moving and had become dangerous. We agreed to custom mill new parquet of white oak, 2 1/2″ x 5/8″ by 22″, install it, ColorMagiQ the new wood to match the old, and then SandFree the whole floor.

The Process

arch-gym-3We began by taking up each board that had to be replaced. We took precise measurements, and then custom-milled a wide width white oak, planed down on the top, with routed sides to create tongues and grooves for 828 pieces of 5/8″ parquet.

The Process

arch-gym-4We removed approximately 70 composite blocks of the parquet. The black asphalt glue is visible. If you look at some of the individual boards at the bottom of the picture, you can see how thick the glue was on the bottoms of the boards – approximately 3/8″.


arch-gym-5Although the picture isn’t very good, you can see the color match after the ColorMagiQ had been applied. The old floor still needed to be SandFree’d.

Finished Product

arch-gym-6Here’s the beautiful, new, historically restored floor!