Video Testimonial by Dave Hill – Project Manager

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for making our floors beautiful again.  Your crew was professional and very clean.  I really appreciate the one-on-one personal attention you gave to us to make sure we were happy.  I would truly recommend your company to anyone looking to get their floors done.

Loretta and John G

Mr. Tom Hatcher,

I just wanted to thank you and tell you how much we appreciate your work and your product.
We are amazed at the results from our selection of SandFree.com Wood Floor Refinishing on our 120 year old hardwoods. We had uncovered these floors from carpet after 40 years, not knowing they were there. They were dull and no color and we were considering carpet again. We were struggling with what to do with these floors we found. Thank goodness we found Tom Hatcher and his Sand Free system in Salem Va. There was no smell, no dust and was finished and could walk on it 5 hrs later. Beautiful results. Loved the color method. It is the same finish used on Bowling Allies.

We would recommend this way of finishing hardwood floors to anyone. It is less than carpet per Sq. Ft. and less maintenance in the future. And adds value to our home. We are so happy with our floor that we are uncovering the rest of the old house and using this method.

Everyone was so informative of the process. We even had the option of changing to gloss finish from a satin finish at the last moment.

If you are considering carpet or to restore a hardwood there is no decision. Use SandFree.com method.

I will definitely recommend you to others looking to have their wood floors redone.

P.S.- We even cooked out for lunch with Rick and we loved having him in our home. Had a great day. Thanks SandFree.com and the Hatchers.

The Corring’s – 07/15/2012

Dear Mike:

I want you to know that my floor, hall and steps are beautiful. Sean did such a great job! He is a great representative of your company, so knowledgeable, great customer service, and he knows what he is doing. You know that I had a room done many years ago by a competitor and my experience today in no way matched that experience. I will have two more rooms to do. And of course, I will pass the word.Thanks so much for your help,

Rosa and Ron B.

Hi Gus,

WOWOWOWOWOW!!! I am so happy with my brand new refinished floors! They are beautiful! I struggled with the decision whether to do the floors myself ( I am a big DIYer) or to hire someone to do them for me. I am so happy with my decision! The money I spent saved me HOURS of work, money, and resulted in beautiful floors! There is no way I could have done the job you did! And, when you say, “No dust”, you mean NO DUST. When you say “one day”, you mean ONE DAY! And, I can walk on them the same day! I could go on and on but I won’t at this time. Why? Because I have to say kind words about Amy.

Amy was lovely. She came in, introduced herself, looked over my floors, clarified what I wanted, took charge, and handled every question I threw her way throughout the day. She worked diligently, went above and beyond and made sure I loved my floors before she left. I couldn’t have asked for a better person in my home. She’s a ROCK STAR.

You can probably expect more emails to come. I have already said out loud, “I am so happy Gus and Amy did my floors!” So, I will probably send you emails here and there for years to come!

Thank you again!

Cindy W – Orange County, CA. 4/20/2012

Hi Gus,

I thought maybe I would have heard from you but I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the way the floors came out. Amy was AWESOME!! She took her time and was very professional. She worked with us as far as getting us, the kids and dogs in and out when it was safe to do so. She did a beautiful job and we just love the way the floors look! Thank you!

We would definitely recommend you and Amy in the future!


Paula – Orange County, CA. 4/18/2012

Wayne and Ann from Sandfree , North Carolina.were very professional. They were on time when they came to do the estimate, and the job. They explained the process well and did the job they said they were going to do. We are satisfied with our floors and love that they have been revivied to their new lustre once again! We also love that it did not take long and we did not have all the cleanup from sanding.

Thank You!

Brian and Penny – North Carolina

Hi Mike:

Just wanted to let you know how pleased both Bob and I are with the floors. They turned out beautifully and had we known that the hardwood under the carpet was so nice, we would have done it years ago.

The men who did the work were wonderful to talk to and did a beautiful job in moving the furniture and then putting it back in its rightful place. They all had a great sense of humor and I was amazed by their strength as our furniture, being older, is extremely heavy. Kudos to their strength. Please know that should anyone ask who did our floors, your name and phone number will be written down and handed to them!

Thanks again for a job well done.

Our best regards,
B and L D 08/29/2011

Dear Peter,
We love our new and refinished floors; they look fantastic. It was a pleasure to deal with your company and your employees.
Best regards for a Happy, Healthy New Year.

B.C., Philadelphia, PA 01/06/2010


Michael: The floors look wonderful! Your guys did a GREAT job refinishing them. We are very pleased with the results.

L.L., West Windsor, NJ 11/24/2009


Do you want me to send photos for you to add to your website or files? ColorMagiQ has made such a huge difference in opening up my home with floors that look beautiful. And God knows, I am the ultimate finicky person.

J.Z., Princeton, NJ 10/15/2009


I wanted to pass on some feedback. I judge a business interaction based on quality of the job and the communication during the process. In both aspects, Oswald did a great job. His craftsmanship and professionalism make me confident in the quality of his work, and throughout the job helped me understand the process and make the best decisions on things that were up in the air. I hope all your partners are up to the bar that Oswald set.

I have already recommended your service, and would be happy to provide recommendations if you need them in the future.

J.L., Rockaway, NJ 10/25/2009

“This is a voluntary testimonial. When we heard about SandFree we didn’t know if it would work on our floors, which had not been refinished in 20 years. We were told not to expect some of the stains to come out of the wood, and that they could not stain the floor to change the color. We were also told, there would be no dust, no odor, and we didn’t have to make special arrangements to be out of the house. We decided to try it. I moved the furniture to take advantage of the “No Furniture Credit”, and they went to work. It took 6 hours to do our first floor, and we did walk on the floor, in our socks, 3 hours after the men left. Now that the job is complete, I can say we are stunned by how great the floors look. Many of the stains did come out (although some did not), but the most surprising fact is that the color of the floors became rich, mellow and naturally beautiful. They talked about wood developing a beautiful patina over the years, and that their process would enhance this, rather than sand it away. We couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised.”

C.O., Bryn Mawr, PA. 19010, 11/15/2004

“I can’t believe what a difference the SandFree treatment made to our nearly 200 year old floors and stairs. Before SandFree, they were looking very drab and worn. Now, they glow, and without losing the character of the wood, rather, beautifully enhancing it. I’m telling everyone I know about SandFree!”

M.W., Philadelphia, PA. 5/2/2007

I had to contact you one more time – to tell you how pleased I am with my floors. Sean did a great job and was professional and courteous at all times. My floors look better than new! They still have the character that comes from use, but with a beautiful low level sheen without all the surface scratches that made them look old and worn. I will definitely recommend you to others looking to have their wood floors redone. My gym is closing this weekend to redo the floors for the third time in two years. Each time they are sanded and a new finish put down that looks bad and doesn’t last. I will be talking to the manager tomorrow to recommend they call SandFree. Thanks again for a beautiful job.

M.S., Philadelphia, PA. 8/2008

Hello Michael:

Thank you for the message. The floors are absolutely amazing. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. We are excited to be welcoming back students with such a polished look.

I will certainly keep in touch, as we look to have you back in a few years for regular maintenance.

N.H., Philadelphia, PA. 8/2008

Good Morning Brian & Tim,

We wish to thank you for the excellent work and service you did on our floor in the foyer at the subject property.  Not only was your work outstanding, you left the area spotless.  We are completely staisfied with SandFree.


Service Source Network

Hi Tim,

I wanted to tell you how great the guys that did my floor were! The whole experience was great and the floors look amazing! I could not be happier that I chose you for this job!

I’ve given SandFree a good shout-out on my social media and have recommended you to friends, and will continue to do so.

Just wanted to let you know!