Refinishing Engineered Floors

The Cuba Libre project is an example of how we are able to refinish engineered floors.

Cuba Libre

cuba-libre-12nd and Market,
Philadelphia, PA.

Floor: Engineered Wood, 1/8″ Cherry, 1/4″ plywood.

Hours of Operation: 10:AM until 2:AM.

“At the time that we had started SandFree Inc. our wood floors were worn, scratched, and lackluster. We had a laminated floor and had been told that sanding would ruin the natural surface of the wood grain. SandFree said that they would sand the floor one more time, and then use their SandFree process to protect it from future wear. I must say that I am extremely pleased with the results of this process as our floors get a lot of wear and tear from guests eager to receive mojitos. The most impressive part about the SandFree process is that the workers come in after hours on a Sunday evening, and we are able to be open for business the next morning. Also, with SandFree, there is no dust, and no odor. I highly recommend SandFree to all restaurant proprietors and managers.”

Christian T. Leo General Manager Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar Philadelphia

cuba-libre-2The major wood manufacturers, and the minor ones also, are now producing laminated woods – a thin layer of real wood bonded to particle board underneath. This layer may be as thin as 1/8″. Normal sanding techniques usually remove 1/32″ of wood. A not-so-expert sander, may stall with the machine and sand out as much as 1/8″. This would put a hole in the laminated product. Laminated wood cries out for the SandFree process.

As the “engineered wood floor” market increases, SandFree is going to expand at a similar rate, because it will save the customers a lot of money – both in the refinishing cost, and in the cost of replacing the wood. 1/8″ of wood can last a long time if it is properly protected. As the cost, and inconvenience of a refinishing is dramatically reduced, a customer can afford to maintain their floors.

uba Libre is a nice restaurant in Old City Philadelphia, serving predominantly Cuban food. Two years ago they purchased a Harris-Tarkett laminated wood – predominantly cherry. As a laminated wood, there is only 1 sanding that is possible – because the wear layer is too thin. That sanding had occurred. SandFree was perfect for this, because we will remove the dirt, the loose finish, but no wood.

We arrived a little after Midnight, and by 10:00 AM the floor was finished. The owner came in and said to the hostess that he thought they had agreed to get the floors refinished, not a new floor. She assured him he did not have a new floor.