Refinishing Hardwood Floors – Plano Area North of Dallas

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Plano, Texas


Refinishing your hardware floors will transform the interior of our home, and you do not have to sand. Sanding is dirty, noisy, and expensive. Our environmentally friendly process will make your floors look great. We can fix scratches, and change the color of your floor if desired.

We specialize in sand free refinishing. This technique is very effective, environmentally friendly and will leave your hardwood floors gleaming with an eye-catching shine that is breathtaking. Our intricate process of bringing your floors back to their original beauty can really help you make y our home look its absolute best.



If you have been putting a polish on your floor that makes it shine for seven days and then it gets dull you are probably using an acrylic polymer. We can permanently make your floors look great but first we must take the acrylic polymer off.

As an example, we helped a homeowner who had been putting Orange-Glo on her floors for more than 10 years. Orange-Glo is an acrylic polymer vinyl polish. In the picture above, the scratches are in the acrylic polymer polish – not the wood! The job was, in some ways simple – we needed to dissolve the polish to get down to the wood. As simple as that sounds, 7 contractors had walked away from the job. SandFree was ready, willing, and able to do the work. And we did. Her comments are below:

My floors look like they did the day we installed them 7 years ago. I am thrilled beyond words! This was a very challenging job and Sean confirmed my floor was, by far, the worst Orange Glo build up case he’s ever seen. Sean, Neal and Mark worked 12-14 hour days to get this completed. Sean was great! – Joan Sterling

We are pleased to have satisfied her and looking forward to helping you with any floor issues that you may have.

Additional Sandfree Service Information

You can also recolor your floors using our ColorMagiQ products. Please check our section on ColorMagiQ to see what your floor can become.