Refinishing Hardwood Floors – Virginia – Southwest Virginia

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Rick Hatcher
Telephone: 540-293-9045

We’re pleased to welcome Tom Hatcher to the SandFree Revolution in Wood Refinishing. Tom has a long history in the flooring business in both hard and soft floors. He is impeccably honest and has the highest integrity. In addition he’s a good guy to spend time with. You’ll enjoy your time with Tom.

Whether you want to refinish, recolor, or repair your floor, Tom has experience in all of the services. In addition, If you have warped boards or want to a dark floor to a light floor, Tom has sanding experience also. Whatever service your floor needs, Tom can provide the expertise to get you to a satisfactory conclusion.

“Me. Hatcher and his son Rick were very professional and courteous. They explained the entire process and what it would entail. My refinished floors and stairs look great. I would recommend them and I will use them again in the future.”

Southwest A/P Removal Before

Acrylic polymer failing, removed with SandFree’s GloBGone

Southwest A/P Removal After

Successfully removed failing acrylic polymer polish