Franchise Opportunity

SandFree is an innovative service revolutionizing a traditional, established industry. By combining high tech chemical and computer advances, we are changing the industry to deliver a service to the customer that they have demanded – wood refinishing without the traditional inconvenience. In doing so, we are increasing the size of the market because customers who would not suffer through the normal dust, odor, and downtime of a floor refinishing are able now able to get their floors refinished and recolored without any dust or odor, while they are living in their house. And it is normally half of the cost of a traditional sanding.

SandFree is not only an innovative service, but it is an innovative franchise system also. We do not charge a national advertising fee which traditional franchisors use to acquire new franchisees, because we feel that is our responsibility. We do not mandate how, or how much you should spend on advertising. We feel as a business person you will adjust your advertising to meet the needs of your territory.

Your monthly commitment is a 5% Royalty Fee and a flat, monthly Administration Fee based on the size of your territory. The Administration Fee entitles you to use the tools that have been developed over a decade. We can answer your phone calls, send the customers a proposal based on your pricing, and send you a copy. We also can set call back appointments for you. You will have a remote database that will synchronize with the corporate database so we can coordinate well with each other. If you want to use our Internet Marketing System that is geo-targeted to your territory, it will be installed and reviewed with you on a monthly basis at no additional charge. You will set the level of expense and pay the bills directly to Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft so there is no associated overhead. You will have access to a Sales Support staff and a Technical Service Staff. Also included is web hosting of an internal webpage at We are here to support you and be successful together.

This is a low entry cost, mobile franchise, requiring little overhead, and low monthly ongoing costs. Please fill out the form and we can see if this is a business/industry you would like to be part of.

Please fill out the Franchise Form, and we will contact you.