Color Issues in a Room

Resolving Color Problems Within A Room

color-issue-1We see a lot of “interesting” conditions of floors. In this floor there was a distinct difference between the center of the room, and the perimeter of the room. The perimeter matched the color in the hall, but was much lighter than the color in the center of the room. We discovered that the previous owner had moved all of the furniture into the center of the room, and had the perimeter sanded, but not the center (the sander was charging them to move the furniture, therefore the owners moved the furniture themselves but piled it only in the center of the room instead of clearing the room!).

color-issue-2In addition, there were deep scratches in the floor which not only distorted the color, but also cut through the grain. There was nothing we could do to resolve the grain cuts, but we were able to resolve the color issue.

Look closely and you can still see some color difference on the right side, but part of the reason it is not as visible is that the gradual change of the color, completely resolved the difference in some of the boards, which broke up the line of the discoloration.

color-issue-3With the ColorMagiQ process, the interior, dark area became 20% lighter, and the perimeter light area became 20% darker. The scratches (above) were in the upper right corner of the room. The color issue was completely resolved, although you could still feel where the gouges had been.