St. James Street

old-homes-1A lot of the SandFree cities have great, old homes. This home, built in the early 1700’s is a classic, and sits on one of the many picturesque, side streets in the Old City part of Philadelphia. Of the architectural details present in these homes, the wood floors certainly are precious assets.


The first and second floors of this house, are 4 inch “heart” pine, (which was originally cut down to make way for the house! and then planed into floors). Over the years the wood has developed the beautiful “red pine” color that would be changed to yellow, if the floors were sanded. Included in the reasons not to sand this floor, was the fact the 200 year old nails (heads more than 1/4″ wide) were visible in every board.

old-homes-3The floor pictured on the right, is the third floor of the house. It has not been refinished yet, but represents what the living room floor looked like before the SandFree process was performed. This is random width (8″, 10″, 12″ (!)) pine. Originally they put this coarser wood on the higher floors because that is where the servants lived. After the success of SandFree on the stairs and the first floor, the customer expects to refinish the third floor also.

“Tim said you’d like a comment on the SandFree method. The first word that comes to mind is WOW! I can’t believe what a difference the SandFree treatment made to our nearly 200 year old floors and stairs. Before SandFree, they were looking very drab and worn. Now, they glow, and without losing the character of the wood, rather, beautifully enhancing it. I’m telling everyone I know about SandFree!”

We received contracts from 3 other houses on this street after they saw the completed work and heard that this customer stayed in the house every minute that we were there.

No Dust. No Odor. No Downtime.