Really Old Warehouses

Frankie's Sports BarLocation: 312 Market, Philadelphia, PA
Floor: Yellow Pine, Red Oak, Plywood, Gaping holes
Hours: Closed for 20 years
Scope: Restore yellow pine that hasn’t been refinished for 20 years

When we started with SandFree™ we expected to use it on wood that was typical of 75% of the floors that we see – basically good condition but with a finish that was dirty, dull, thin, or partially worn away. The success that we’ve had with floors of this type has emboldened us, and our customers who have asked us to try the process on damaged floors. The floor below is the most extreme of the floors that we’re doing.

This floor is typical of a lot of buildings in Philadelphia that are being reclaimed and having their use converted – it was in order, a warehouse, office building, retail store, warehouse, and then unoccupied. During re-construction – a conversion to a restaurant with a nautical theme – the walls were sprayed gray, and the floor wasn’t protected. So, in addition to a couple of decades of neglect, the floor was also painted.


The first picture below is the floor, before we started. I stood in the space with the General Contractor, who had asked for the sample. I said – “We might as well try this on the very worst part of the floor, it can only get better from there.” The second picture shows the wood after Phases 1 and 2.


Below is the finished sample. It took about 20 minutes. Doing the whole floor is going to be more challenging than the sample because of some of the problems of scale, but it should represent polished wood decks of a boat when we’re completed. It also will be 1/3 the cost of any other alternative considered by the owner. We have the before picture of the whole space and will post the after picture of the whole space when we’re completed.