Wood Installation

Before our partners started offering SandFree®, they all were installing wood.  From the simplest strip installations, to the complicated patterns featured above, installation is a great service that we provide.  If you have questions about your floor possibilities, please contact your local SandFree® Franchisee – click on “Offices” above.

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Concrete Refinishing


Once we knew how to use SandFree® on wood, we realized it would work on any hard surface.  We were called by the Pulitzer Foundation in St. Louis and sent men there to SandFree® the concrete floors in their museum.  We developed a special gray color for the floor and it has held up beautifully. If you have some concrete floors and would like to inexpensively refinish and recolor them, get a SandFree® quote.

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Oxford Mills was an extreme job for SandFree.  The floors were 100 years old, and had previously been warehouse floors.  Even though nothing had been done to the floors for 50+ years, SandFree® was able to restore them quickly and easily.  Remarkably, even though the work was done in the middle of winter without heat in the building, there was not 1 instance of bubbling – in 80,000 square feet of work.

If SandFree® can work in conditions like this, think of what it can do in your environment.

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Marble Refinishing


Normally, refinishing marble is costly and involves strong chemicals.  SandFree® can apply a polish to marble at a very low cost.  We don’t recommend changing the color of the marble, but making the marble shine again is not an issue.

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Polish Removal Services

Polish Removal

In the past 5 years, a few large chemical companies have come up with “quick shine” polishes for wood floors.  The problem is the more times you apply these polishes, the more you need to apply additional layers of the polish.  And rarely does a customer thoroughly clean their floor before each layer of polish.  The good news is SandFree® developed a product to dissolve these polishes, without sanding.  There are samples on the website of extreme polish problems that we have solved.

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Sanding Services


Many of the SandFree® franchisees started out as floor sanders.  They joined when they saw the value SandFree® offered to their customers.  But they still knew how to sand floors.  There are certain floors that need to be sanded – extreme water damage, buckling, or floors that have been stained dark when the customer wants a light color are all floors that need to be sanded. But there are also large jobs that need to be sanded – like gyms.  If the gyms haven’t been using SandFree® to maintain the finish on their floor, the floor will have to be sanded.  Please contact your local SandFree® franchisee for a quote on sanding your gymnasiums.

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Repair Services


Despite the fact we can do gyms, we have built our business repairing floors.  In the case above, we used reclaimed wood to replace 25% of the floor that was badly damaged.  The customer had a special color of a prefinished wood on the 2nd and 3rd floor and wanted to match that color on the first floor.  No typical penetrating stain could match the color they wanted, but our ColorMagiQ stain system was able to match the color exactly.  No one has done more to enable customers to continue to use their existing wood than SandFree® has done.

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Live Edge Coffee Tables

We are wood people and now we are making “live edge coffee tables with saw mill partners!  We can provide tables made of white pine, yellow, pine, red pine, walnut, sycamore, white oak and red oak.  We can make tables that will complement your existing wood floors according to your sizes.

Call 888-202-3794 for more information.

Real Urethane for Real Wood

Our water-based urethane works harder, lasts longer, and is clearer than any other finish.

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No Dust

Because we don’t need to sand your floor in order to refinish it, you won’t have to deal with dust lying around your home or building.

No Odor

The urethane that we use to refinish your flooring has no odor, no flammability issues, and dries quickly, so you can rest easy.

No Downtime

Our projects have a quick turnaround time, so you won’t have to close off your home or building for weeks in order to refinish your floors.



“I am so happy with my brand new refinished floors! They are beautiful! I struggled with the decision whether to do the floors myself or to hire someone to do them for me. I am so happy with my decision!”

Cindy W, Orange County, CA.

“My floors look better than new! They still have the character that comes from use, but with a beautiful low level sheen without all the surface scratches that made them look old and worn.”

M.S., Philadelphia, PA.

“We are amazed at the results from our selection of SandFree.com Wood Floor Refinishing on our 120 year old hardwoods. We had uncovered these floors from carpet after 40 years, not knowing they were there.”

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